Hygenall® LeadOff™ Tactical Hygiene™ Series
Hygenall LeadOff™ Tactical Hygiene™ Series products do everything that regular soap does, plus one more thing that regular soaps are not very good at: remove lead and other heavy metals. Hygenall LeadOff Tactical Hygiene products are designed to replace regular soap and wipes in your home and vehicle, on your workbench, or bathroom sink at home.


Convenient cleaning and decontamination wipes that removes dirt and germs + heavy metals from training, tactical, and HazMat environments. Made from natural environmentally friendly ingredients and cloth. Non-smear formula leaves skin feeling Clean, Crisp and Refreshing!


Hygenall® LeadOff™ Disposable Cleaning and Decon Wipes

12 x 45 Wipe Canister with FreshSeal per case.



Hygenall® LeadOff™ RangeBag™ Disposable Cleaning and Decon Wipes

4 x 25 Individually Wrapped Wipes per case.

P/N: LR5025BG


Hygenall® LeadOff™ 500 Wipe Disposable Cleaning and Decon Wipes

2 x 500 Wipe Bucket per case.
Refillable with P/N: RF099910



Hygenall® LeadOff™ Indoor/Outdoor RangeStation™

1 x 500 Wipes w/ Bucket Dispenser, Used Wipe Container, Stand per case
Refillable with P/N: RF099910



Hygenall® LeadOff™ Wall Mount

2 x 500 Wipe Wall Mountable Dispensers per case.
Refillable with P/N: RF099910

P/N: WM99770


Hygenall® LeadOff™ REFILL Rolls

2 x 500 Wipe Refill Rolls per case. Refills the Bucket Dispenser and Indoor/Outdoor RangeStation™.

P/N: RF099910


Hygenall® LeadOff™ Hand, Hair, and Body Decon Soap

4 x 1 Gallon Bottles per case. Highly Economical: each bottle provides hundreds of hand washings, or about 4x more than regular soap in the same quantity.

P/N: FHW8001G