SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended soap and water over sanitizing products to clean off the COVID-19 virus. Our guidance for the duration of the virus emergency is to take the extra step of rinsing off after using our wipes, and if you are using our soaps, wash for at least 45 seconds as these steps would meet CDC guidance to use soap and water, with the added benefit of helping to clean off contaminates such as heavy metals, plastics, chemicals, carcinogens, etc. We also recommend wearing a face mask to cover the nose and mouth whenever you are around others or in the vicinity of smoke from fires, and to practice social distancing of at least 8 feet. Wash exposed skin often, and refrain from unnecessary travel. We at Hygenall take our guidance from the U.S. Government health authorities, and we are working hard and fast to develop new technologies and strategies to help keep our customers safer. We expect to begin rolling out new products soon to help combat the virus. We will provide updated information as it becomes available here, and through our Authorized Hygenall Dealers and Distributors. Thank you for your business, and do not hesitate to reach us with any questions, either through your reseller, or directly at: customerservice@hygenall.com. Stay safe!