Studies have shown that capillary blood draws for blood lead quantity determination can be markedly higher than actual quantities if the skin is covered in microscopic lead dust. Soap and water, which is great for cleaning off dirt and germs, is not an effective lead dust cleaner. Hygenall HygaStat is specially formulated to be used before the alcohol prep pad to decontaminate skin from heavy metals. Better test results saves money by reducing the need for follow-up venous testing, and less stress for children.Clean, Crisp and Refreshing!™.


Hygenall® HygaStat™ Lead Determination Blood Test Decontamination Swabs.

500 Swabs per Box. Used to clean microscopic metal dust off skin prior to venous or capillary blood draws. Improves testing accuracy. Wipes are sterilized to improve shelf life and prevent bio contamination.

P/N: HYGIW2732


Hygenall® LeadOff™ Wipe on-Wipe off, Non-Porous Surface Cleaner

1 Quart Spray Bottle. Dentist offices, and X-Ray rooms that use lead blankets, and medical imaging rooms where machines containing cationic metal oxides may pose a hazard for medical workers and patients. Hygenall LeadOff Non-Porous Surface Cleaner cleans off dirt, germs and microscopic lead dust and other metals from window sills, equipment, wall molding, doors, tables, floor mats and other surfaces.

P/N: LS9001Q


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