Hygenall® LeadOff™ Firing Range Products

Hygenall LeadOff™ Firing Range products keep employees and customers safe by decontaminating at the range, and preventing lead from going home with them, particularly those with children.


Hygenall® LeadOff™ Indoor/Outdoor RangeStation™

1 x 500 Wipes w/ Bucket Dispenser, Used Wipe Container, Stand per case.
Refillable with P/N: RF099910



Hygenall® LeadOff™ Wall Mount RangeStation™

2 x 500 Wipe Wall Mount Dispensers per case.
Refillable with P/N: RF099910

P/N: WM99770

Hygenall LeadOff Wipes 500 Count Tubs Cutout

Hygenall® LeadOff™ 500 Wipe Refillable Bucket Dispenser

2 x 500 Wipe Buckets per case.
Refillable with P/N: RF099910



Hygenall® LeadOff™ REFILL Rolls

2 x 500 Wipe Refill Rolls per case. Refills the Bucket Dispenser, Indoor/Outdoor Decon Station, Wall Mount Wipe Dispenser.

P/N: RF099910


Hygenall® LeadOff™ Rich Foaming Hand, Hair & Body Cleaning and Decontamination Foaming Soap

1 Gallon Bottle with Pump. Highly Economical: each gallon provides over 1,000 hand washes, or about 4x more than a gallon of regular liquid soap.

P/N: FHW8001G


Gallon Bottle Wall Mount P/N: GR01
Extra Bottle Pump P/N: FH30


Hygenall® LeadOff™ Wipe on, Wipe off, Non-Porous Surface Cleaner

12 x 1 Quart Spray Bottle per case.

P/N: LS9001Q


NEW! Hygenall® GermaStat™ Advanced Formula Large Group Hand-Sanitizer Spray

12 x 1 Quart Spray Bottles per case. For disinfecting large groups in Industrial Hygiene situations. Made with 80% naturally derived Ethyl Alcohol. Fragrance free.



Hygenall® Industrial™ Surface Decontamination and Cleaner

5 Gallon Pail with Reclosable Pour Spout - FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.

P/N: LS9005G


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